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MEA Certification: photoluminescent paints & markings

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MEA Certification & Photoluminescent Paints

What is MEA Certification & Why is this important?
The Department of Buildings' Material and Equipment Acceptance Division (MEA), is a sub-division of the Department Of Buildings of New York City. In the aftermath of 9-11, the New York City Council has adopted more stringent laws regarding building security. Most notably: Local Law 26 (LL-26), in which it stipulates that all photoluminescent materials, signs and paints used in buildings in the New York City area must be approved by The Department of Buildings' Material and Equipment Acceptance Division (MEA). Photoluminescent materials, signs and paints are tested by MEA. After they have been approved they are MEA Certified and receive a MEA number. This certification is then used to safeguard building security as fire departments and other inspectors can identify the materials used in buildings as safe from the MEA certificate and number. Photoluminescent paints, materials and signs that are not MEA Certified are illegal to use in buildings in the New York City area.
MEA Certification Criteria
1.1 Mandatory certifications. All photoluminescent products covered by this standard shall be independently tested to certify compliance with the following characteristics in accordance with Reference Standard RS 6-1A of the Local Law 26 (LL-26):

1.1.1 Brightness Rating (“BR”): Minimum BR of 30-7-5, being the laboratory measurement of luminance at 10, 60, and 90 minutes, respectively
1.1.2 Washability
1.1.3 Toxicity
1.1.4 Radioactivity
1.1.5 Flame spread

1.2 Additional certification. For manufacturers seeking to represent their photoluminescent products in New York City as UV resistant (resistant to UV degradation and weather), such products shall be independently tested to certify compliance with Reference Standard RS 6-1A for UV degradation. Only products meeting this characteristic shall be installed in locations exposed to unfiltered sunlight or exterior weather conditions.
MEA Certification and LL-26 apply to:
  • Technical specifications for minimum performance of the photoluminescent paints
  • Minimum requirements for placement of photoluminescent painted signs and markings
  • Administrative obligations that insure buildings and photoluminescent markings comply
  • Maintenance requirements of the photoluminescent painted signs and markings in the building

For this reason one should consider a tested and approved photoluminescent paint supplier such as Kryptaglow: See Certification Info >>.
MEA Certification Criteria directly affect you, if you are a(n):
  • Building owner in the NYC area
  • Real estate developer in the NYC area
  • Architect in the NYC area
  • Engineer in the NYC area
  • Maintenance manager in the NYC area
  • Facility manager in the NYC area
  • Painter in the NYC area
  • Anyone interested in building security in any part of the country
MEA Approved Application Of Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) Safety Markings & Paints

Photoluminescent paint not only has to comply with LL-26 standards and be MEA certified, it also has to be applied correctly. LL-26 stipulates that the owner of a site or building has to certify that he or she has inspected the installation and that the specified paint was utilized in accordance with the MEA-approved methods of application. One of the very few industrial photoluminescent paint suppliers that does meet all these requirements in it's products is Kryptaglow.This means that it's paints comply with LL-26 and have been MEA Certified. To ensure you apply their paint correctly and achieve maximum brightness, durability and general result, Kryptaglow has put together a practical application guide. The same page contains all relevant MEA certification information so you get of on a good start for the security of your building and comply with MEA standards of application.

Visit The Kryptaglow MEA Paints & Paint Application page >>
More Info About LL-26 & MEA Certificiation With Regards To Photoluminescent Paint And It's Application
When selecting a paint for photoluminescent or phosphorescent safety markings, one should take into consideration all of the stipulations of LL-26 and MEA Certification criteria as laid down in the New york City Local Law 26.
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